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& HIS sculptures


Installed for almost thirty years in the forecourt of the Paris Saint-Lazare station, the works of Arman L'Heure de Tous and Consigne à vie have just been restored and have found the public space. True urban signs and meeting places, they are landmarks that guide travelers to the train station, one of the largest in Europe, with traffic of about 120 million passengers a year.

The purpose of this video is to explain the art of Arman, and more precisely his sculptures in Saint Lazare, within reach of all. We decided to exploit the principle of accumulation used by Arman for his sculptures, multiplying dates, key phrases, lines, mosaics...

- in collaboration with Martin Vallet


 Video - Arman and his sculptures 

 Client: Centre national des arts plastiques 
 Year: 2015 

 EN   FR 

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