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A drunk typeface


How to transcribe a feeling in a typography? Here is the starting point of the Slainte font: take the time to admire Ireland (from its landscapes to its pubs!), listen to the language of the country, find the term "Slainte" worthy of a graphic creation. With this word which means “cheers”, I first had the desire to create a wavy typeface, like the liquid. Secondly, I wanted a typeface that requires a bit of concentration to read, like this clumsiness created by alcohol. The characters of this alphabet have 2 to 6 variants, in order to create numerous possibilities for writing words and best intermingling the characters.
The Slainte typography should be used with moderation! It is in fact constructed as a titling character and will not be readable as a labor character.


 Typeface - Slainte’s font 

 Personnal project: Creation of a typeface 
 Year: 2020 

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