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A mono linear & high scale typeface


During a workshop directed by Jérémy Landes, typographer and graphic designer, aiming at the creation and the drawing of a typographic character, I realized the Gestalt. The constraint was as follows: draw a monolinear typography at a high eye level for titrations. The name of this typography comes from the gestalt theory, which is a german theory based on form perception and the ability to organise different parts as a whole. It generally works with simple forms that are symmetrical and stable. Russian constructivism was the major inspiration in the search for forms and typographic principles.

- This typography was exhibited in the gallery of the Loraine School of Art on April 28, 2016, during the Pangramme typographic contest.


 Typeface - Gestalt’s font 

 Typeface's workshop: Creation of a typeface 
 Year: 2016 

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